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Games, and more games... [Sep. 16th, 2006|10:46 pm]
San Antonio Gamers

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So... I may be talking to myself (so what's new?), but what have you been playing lately? Some of the stuff I've been playing is:
Pirates of the Spanish Main: What's not to love about this game? It's about pirates, and blowing up sailing ships and getting all the booty you can!

Run For Your Life, Candyman: It's Candyland, but with a (Very disturbed) twist. You're gingerbread men, and you're trying to escape this wonderfly demented sugar-coated land before everyone else. Licorice Whips, Candy Cage Matches and more!! Excellent game!

The Game of Redneck Life: You HAVE to get this game. It is one of the funniest games I've ever played. The winner isn't the person who finishes first, or has the most money. No... It's the person with the most TEETH at the end of the game. Redneck family fun for all ages!!

Kung Fu Fighting: This is a fast paced card game of cinematic Kung Fu combat. It's a lot of fun and if you like this, check out its sister game En Garde.

Middle Earth: The Wizards: This game is out of print, unfortunately, but you can still find cards on ebay. If you're a fan of Tolkien's work, check this out. I play with my son, and I've got a couple of friends I'm trying to get back together with to get some bigger games going. More fun than a barrel of Nazgul!

I'm also trying to get a GURPS Traveller game going. If you're interested, drop me a line. We're trying to play on Saturday afternoon/evenings.

That's it for me. What's going on in your neck of the woods?
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ChimaeraCon & Eat (and game) for a Cause!! [Sep. 12th, 2006|04:24 pm]
San Antonio Gamers

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Next Eat and Game for a Cause:
Next Eat and Game for a Cause Monday, 30 Oct., 6 PM to 9 PM.
Bring your favorite game, your family and your friends!

**********Halloween Costume Optional**********
(C'mon, you know you wanna dress up)

Blue Cactus Cafe at Wetmore Store
(one block north of Thousand Oaks)

Blue Cactus Cafe will donate $2 from every adult dinner entree and $1 per beer/wine/margarita to ChimaeraCon!

RSVP by Sun. 29 Oct to Gilder. Blue Cactus Cafe will want a head count, but last-minute additions will always be welcome!

Eat (and game) for a cause is a great opportunity to hang out with some fun people, have some bbq (or awesome burgers) and play a game or two. Their onion rings rock on toast, too!! Come on out, it'll be a blast!

ChimaeraCon is coming:
ChimaeraCon is rapidly approaching. We'll be running March 9-11, 2007 at the Crossroads Convention Center at Crossroads Mall. It's a great location, with plenty of space, a nearby hotel, and plenty of restaurants nearby.

This is our sixth year and it's going to be great. Check out the website for more informnation on events, registration, and forums. We'll have plenty of events including Morituri, Dead Man Walking, Frag, D&D, Warhammer, Talisman & more!! We'll also have a dealers room, costume contest, video games, and of course, gaming until your eyes bleed. See you there!
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Lock-in & more... [Sep. 9th, 2006|02:58 pm]
San Antonio Gamers

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The next lock-in at Genesis Games is scheduled for Friday, September 29th. There's a $20.00 door fee that gets you in, and plenty of pizza. I'll be running some events there, probably King's Blood, Frag, and maybe some Ogre or Munchkin. Check out the website for more details or call the store (the number is on the webpage). They are also doing misc. Clix games on Tuesdays, and Horror Clix in particular on Wednesdays. There's also plenty of Magic & Yu-Gi-Oh! during the week, too.

In other local gaming news, Dragon's Lair is running lots of events during the week. Monday and Friday are open gaming nights, Tuesday is miniatures night (lots of stuff from LoneStar Historical Miniatures), Thursday is Warhammer 40K & Sunday is Heroclix.

If you live in San Antonio and you're not gaming, it's your own fault. If there's something you want to do, just ask the guys at the store and I'm sure you'll be able to get some table space.

Have fun!
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GenCon [Aug. 18th, 2006|10:10 pm]
San Antonio Gamers

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[mood |happyOnly 350 days till GenCon!!]
[music |Cream: Born Under a Bad Sign]


My son and I were at GenCon last week. What a show! This was my third time at GenCon Indy and it was a blast. My son Daniel was there for the first time. I can't thank the local MiBs enough. They were friendly, helpful and a lot of fun to be with.

We got to hang out with Aaron Williams (Nodwick, Full Frontal Nerdity & PS238), and had a wonderful time chatting about all sorts of things, and yes, even got a little fanboy Sunday afternoon. He's interested in coming down for ChimaeraCon in March, too! Woot!!

I ran a bunch of events for SJ Games, including Frag and Burn in Hell. Unfortunately, my Chez Geek and Chez Guevara games didn't make. :-(

I also got seriously ticked at myself for remembering to pack my walls and towers for my 3D Frag games, but I forgot the FREAKING BOARDS!!! So the box of terrain took up space that could have been better used for packing new games and swag. C'est la con!!

BTW, if you're looking for some cool games, check out:
Run For Your Life, Candyman!
Redneck Life
Kung Fu Fighting
En Garde
any of the Z-Man Games B-Movie card games
Horror Clix (I know, it's a clicky-base game, but it's a HORROR clicky-base game!)

Well, I need to run, but if you're planning on going to GenCon next year, let me know and we can hook up for a cup of coffee and game or two!

More on local stuff later...
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Lockdown!! [Jul. 22nd, 2006|10:48 am]
San Antonio Gamers

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[mood |happyLife is good!!]
[music |CCR: Susie-Q]

Last night was the Genesis Games Store Lockdown. That means that they close the store from 9pm until the morning for customers to enjoy all night gaming. My son James and I went there about 6pm, and I checked out a demo of the Axis and Allies miniatures game (Very cool!! Check it out!!), and talked with a couple of my friends. Then I set up my 3D Frag game. I created terrain using matte board, screen door mesh and several "Platformer" model sets to make floors, walls, rooms and towers. It looks pretty cool and we had a full table of players for both games. In addition to my Frag game, they had an X-Box & a Gamecube set up, Magic & Yu-Gi-Oh! games, Hero Clix and Dreamscape going. It was standing room only, with players standing at the store counters playing cards. It was a lot of fun and I can't wait till the next one in August!!

Hope to see y'all there!!
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Greetings! [Jul. 9th, 2006|02:34 pm]
San Antonio Gamers

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[music |The Cars - Slipaway]

Hey there!

Welcome to San Antonio Gamers!! This is a place for gamers in the San Antonio, TX area to get together, talk about games of all kinds, whether it's board, card, miniature, rpg's or larps. If you play it, we want to know about it. Thanks for your time and have fun!!

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