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Dave Arneson, 1947-2009 [Apr. 10th, 2009|12:00 am]
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Dave Arneson, Co-Creator of Dungeons and Dragons and founding father of the gaming industry as we know it, has passed away. He was 61.

Read the Wired article here, or the article from Ain't it Cool News here.

There's not much I can say here that didn't also apply to Gary Gygax's passing last year. His talent and vision gave us a hobby that has outlived him and will continue to grow in his absence.

I've had the pleasure of talking to him several times at GenCon over the years and I found him to be a warm, friendly man, a pleasure to talk to. He will be missed.

Once again, The Order of the Stick. has the right words.

Thanks, Rich. I couldn't have said it better myself.

Rest in peace, Dave.